Erica Krause


Crafting compelling digital marketing copy for over 8 years, I turn words into conversions and brands into stories.



I transform complex concepts into seamless digital journeys with my eye for detail and understanding of user behavior.


Front End Dev

Beyond just writing code, I aim to craft engaging digital experiences for every user.


10+ Years

Adobe Creative Suite

10+ Years

Web Design & SEO

4+ Years


2+ Years

Front End Dev

Hi There!

I’m Erica.

I’ve been designing, writing, and creating content for both Digital and Event Marketing since 2016.

I’ve done online marketing for corporations, family businesses, non-profits, and for my own personal interests (yoga and visual art).

I am now seeking an opportunity to work in a group or agency to create impactful and meaningful user journeys.

Don’t be misguided by my degree in Computer Science! I’ve got a Marketing mindset and skills in copywriting, graphic design, video production, event management, and more.

Download my resume below for contact information!

Experience & Expertise


Over the Years

Below are the areas where I have experience

Web & Digital Experiences

Using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suite, social media, and more… I have created eye-catching and interactive media online, in print, and on merchandise.

Trade Shows & Events

I have over 8 years of coordinating corporate events, conferences, and trade shows. My contributions span across activities such as public speaking, budgeting, and logistics.

Photography & Videography

I have executed many photoshoots, videography, and audio work including music and voiceover. Work involving scriptwriting, storyboarding, image capture, editing, and publishing.

Interior Design

Working with physical mediums, and taking digital designs onto a variety of different surfaces to influence and inform office spaces. Up to date on accessibility requirements in design practices.

Let’s Work Together

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.” –Albert Einstein

When we got to new places, go through the twists & turns of life, or engaging in breakthrough solutions at work. We utilize this intelligence and we catch ourselves realizing that we just found an answer to a nearly impossible problem!

My contact information is on my resume.

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